I have been suffering through CLE in various jurisdictions since 1982. I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve enjoyed it.
It was both substantially informative and entertaining. I am not in active practice anymore but keep up my licenses.
If all CLEs were this informative and enjoyable I would not think twice about maintaining active status.
-Deborah Macdonald, San Francisco attorney

I attended in 2015. Jim Jesse is knowledgeable, a great speaker and very entertaining. Rock N Roll Law is the only CLE I look forward to attending. -Heather Dickinson, Iowa attorney

Practical and entertaining. This is a great course for musicians and lawyers alike. This is not your average, boring CLE! The presentation is full of interesting, real world case studies, music samples and useful information. Highly recommend!!  -Krystal Wascher, Pittsburgh attorney

Best seminar I have ever taken. Even if you do not practice in this field, you will love this presentation if you enjoy music. -Robert Tuttle, Atlanta attorney

That was the most enjoyable seminar I have ever attended. You said something in passing about addressing some issue during the Beatles class.  Do you offer other seminars? BTW, I had Eagles tickets, so it was a pretty neat coincidence to learn so much about them before the show. Thanks for the great program.  -Bob Giannini, Atlanta attorney

One of the best seminars I have attended in the last 40 years. Interesting, entertaining, and jam-packed with the material you really need. Great value! -Tom Korbee, Louisville attorney

I would go to a lot more CLE courses if they were all this good. – Josh Van de Wetering, MT attorney

I just listened to your seminar that you gave for Minnesota CLE. That was the best CLE on a topic that has nothing to do with what I do. You do an excellent job. I have been practicing law for thirty years and your seminar was one of the best ever.  -John Cl Holden, MN attorney

I attended this CLE to assist my daughter who is a new and aspiring artist. I was impressed by the amount of new intellectual information I learned. Great presentation! –Bradley Pistotnik, Wichita attorney

Everyone should attend. Great value, excellent content and superb presenter. Amazing value!! -Mary Angela Shaughnessy, Louisville attorney

I’ve been to over a hundred CLE Seminars in my 40 years’ of practice, but never enjoyed one as much as yesterday’s in Orlando.  Thank you for the smart and hilarious presentation, esp. about The Beatles.  John, Paul & George are heroes of mine. –Lamar Oxford, Orlando attorney

Your CLE was great! The materials are concise and very helpful to both amateur and professional alike. -Harris H. Wilder, Kansas City attorney

I took your CLE class (video replay) yesterday in Fairfield, Ohio (Cincinnati). Though it’s probably because I’m also a musician, I found it to be one of (if not the) most interesting classes I’ve had in my 30 years of continuing education. You had my attention for the full six hours! – Robert Watson, Cincinnati attorney

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar yesterday. Thanks for presenting the information in such an interesting context by tying legal concepts to the narrative of the Beatles’ history. –  Marshall Turvey, Oklahoma City attorney

This was my 4th time coming to a Rock n Roll Law seminar. I already had my CLE requirements for the year but came because it is so much fun. -Jeff Zimmerman, KC attorney

If all CLEs were this good, lawyers would spend all their time in auditoriums.  -Christine Mason, Portland attorney

A+! We got the steak, not just the sizzle.  -Edward J. Tucker, New Jersey attorney

I attended the CLE yesterday, and it was fantastic. It was one of the best CLE events I’ve attended – very interesting, engaging, highly educational, and a lot of fun. Thanks for bringing it to Atlanta!  – Philip Burrus, Atlanta attorney

Mr. Jesse is a dynamic speaker who is easy to understand and has a passion for the subject matter.  -SF attorney

I have attended a previous CLE by Jim and enjoyed so much, I had to attend another one. I LOVE the incorporation of music and real life examples.  -Ted D. Ayers, Wichita attorney

Excellent and extremely interesting. Best CLE I’ve ever attended. – Susan Loy, Wichita attorney

Best CLE I’ve been to in many years! Jim Jesse is passionate about his subject and presents it in an entertaining and fun way. You hardly realize how much you have learned until it is over. – Wichita attorney

I have an ownership interest in a recording studio and wanted to learn more about the business side of the music industry.  I expect to revisit these materials often and plan to change our business model based on lessons learned in Jim’s presentation.”  –Gary Miller, Tampa attorney

A very interesting presentation and a chance to get a behind-the-scenes understanding of the music copyright world. -Sam Henderson, St. Louis attorney

Jim Jesse does a wonderful job of bringing a complex subject matter to life in a setting that is both entertaining and substantive. The real life application through stories of music copyright issues was thorough and fun.

A 10! Very engaging. Jim is a great speaker! -Elizabeth Bitterman, Philadelphia attorney

Great content, materials and delivery. – Wendy Fein Cooper, Philadelphia attorney

I have friends looking to open gyms and dance studios, and I wanted some basic information. Jim was both entertaining and very knowledgeable. The material was presented in a way designed to engage the listener. – Joy Root, Lawrence attorney

Very compelling and a great overview of music copyright law. – Max Kautsch, Lawrence musician

Beginning to get into larger, multi-million dollar prenuptials and postnuptials. One includes lead singer of a very famous band. I want to expand my knowledge of how to protect intellectual property in prenups and postnups.  Excellent and extremely entertaining!  12 on a scale of 1-10! –Carmen R. Gillett, Florida attorney

10! Excellent! – Richard Slezak, Portland attorney

10 out of 10. Thorough, entertaining and informative. -Thomas Kutz, Des Moines attorney

5 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed it very much. -Marc Ward, Des Moines attorney

This was a fascinating CLE. -Dale S. Macltaffie, Portland attorney

Excellent. Good blend of substantive material and lessons from the school of hard knocks. -Stephen G Thomas, Cleveland attorney

Great info for someone who never took any IP law. –John Schlosser, attorney

Jim is getting so popular, he needs a bigger venue! –Maureen Mahoney, Kansas City Attorney

Not only is the presentation fun and entertaining, but I learned much more about the fundamentals of copyright law than I anticipated.  Great CLE and well worth the time. –Ron Pritchard, Kansas City attorney

Very interesting and entertaining.  A nuts and bolts primer for the non-copyright practitioner who wants to expand his knowledge of the law.  This course contributed to my knowledge and love of music and its history.  –Larry Schaffer, Kansas City attorney

Excellent CLE.  Is there anything about Music Law that Jim does not know?!! –Chicago attorney

Fantastic CLE.  Presenter is knowledgeable in the law, but more importantly knows the industry and weaves in a great blend of examples and humor that allows you to see how the law plays out in real life scenarios. –Chicago attorney

This is a great way to pick up CLE credits.  I practice an entirely different kind of law.  I attended because the topic interested me.  I am glad I did.  I will be way more fun at cocktail parties. –Susan Rider, Chicago Attorney

If all CLE’s were this good, lawyers would spend all their time in the classroom. –Chris Mason, Portland, OR Attorney

A great overview of Music Copyright Law.  The presentation was interactive and very interesting.  A great mix of music law and history. –Stephanie LaRocco, Wichita, KS attorney

For a person who does not do any intellectual property in my practice, this course was very interesting and straight-forward.  The best CLE I’ve attended in 20 years. –Rose Mulvany Henry, Nashville, TN attorney

I represent a recording studio and several artists and writers.  This CLE was right on par with the work I do.  It was both entertaining and informative!  Thank you. –Melanie D. Bingham, Baxter Springs, KS attorney

For copyright practitioner’s, Jim’ CLE is comprehensive and engaging.  For non-copyright practitioners, Jim‘s CLE is approachable and entertaining.  Either way, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon! –Amy Kelly, Lawrence, KS attorney

I thoroughly enjoyed your CLE!  You made an interesting, but complex, area of the law very entertaining. –Kelly W., Kansas City attorney

The best CLE I have ever attended. –Graham Day, St. Louis attorney

A great capsule of all music law.  I loved it. –Thomas Werge, Denver, CO attorney

Jim’s CLE presentations are the best I have ever attended in over 40 years of practicing law. Jim knows his stuff and makes everything interesting for the audience. –Bob Hiller, Topeka, KS attorney

“I really enjoyed the seminar.  It took me out of my routine of criminal law and put me into another world.” -Julianne Dunn-Herzog, Omaha, NE attorney

This was the most fun CLE I have ever been to. –Diana Vogt, Omaha, NE attorney

Very informative and excellent overview of Rock N Roll Law. –Howard Borden, Omaha, NE attorney

Rock N Roll Law was my all-time favorite CLE—a fun, informative, interesting, and entertaining speaker. –Phyllis K. Webster, Wichita, KS attorney

With most clients’ online and social interests, knowledge of copyright law is critical.  In this age of internet and social networking, your clients will have copyright issues.  This class is excellent. –Henry Cox, Kansas City attorney

Presentation was excellent and fun. –Daniel M. Welch, Kansas City attorney

The best CLE I have ever attended.  Great visuals and audio, well organized and presented. –John J. Knoll, Kansas City attorney

I absolutely loved your presentation.  I enjoyed the chance to engage in a discussion with you regarding music law. –Jeff Curran, Oklahoma City Attorney

I believe the material and presentation was excellent.  I thoroughly enjoyed what I learned. –Richard C. Hinson, Omaha, NE Attorney

“I really enjoyed your entertaining presentation and depth of music knowledge.”

“This CLE was very interesting and informative.  Mr.  Jesse is a musical encyclopedia, and makes the area of music copyright law easier to grasp.”

“First Rate.  Jim is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic.”

“Bar Associations throughout many states should put you on”

“A+ . . . fully satisfied”

“Fantastic!   Very informative and useful  . . . entertaining and kept my interest”

More interesting subject matter than most CLEs.  Excellent content—I don’t have a strong music background and it was interesting to me.  The examples helped drove home the information and the speaker was engaging.  -Tulsa attorney

A highly entertaining CLE.  It presented premier information in a creative and informative way. – Trevor Hughes, Tulsa attorney